Batteries for Solar Power System

21 Aug

Car Battery

Car Battery

Batteries are very vital source to store power in Solar Power System. Normal car batteries are cheap and require some maintenance; you need to fill mineral free distilled water periodically. You have to check the battery regularly for level of distilled water. Cable connection needs to be clean and tightened. Many battery problems are caused by dirty and loose connections.  

There are three main types of batteries that are commonly used in renewable energy systems, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.



  •  Flooded Type Battery: These are Lead acid batteries that have caps to add water. Many manufacturers make these types for Solar Energy use. Trojan, Surrette, and Deka are probably the most well known. They are reasonably priced and work well for many years. All flooded batteries release gas when charged and should not be used indoors. If installed in an enclosure, a venting system should be used to vent out the gases which can be explosive.

    Gel Battery

    Gel Battery

  • Gel Type Batteries : The gel cell uses a silica additive in its electrolyte solution that causes it to stiffen or gel, eliminating some of the issues with venting and spillage. Venting is therefore not required and they can be used indoors. This is a big advantage because it allows the batteries to maintain a more constant temperature and perform better.

    AGM Battery

    AGM Battery

  • AGM Batteries : Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are the best available for Solar Power use. A woven glass mat is used between the plates to hold the electrolyte. They are leak/spill proof, do not out gas when charging, and have superior performance. They have all the advantages of the sealed gel types and are higher quality, maintain voltage better, self discharge slower, and last longer. The Sun Xtender series by Concorde Battery is an excellent example of AGM batteries.

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